7 Tips on How to Maintain Contact with Clients

Rex Halverson


  1. Maintain frequency and volume of contact with client – Contact clients once a month or more.  I try to make at least five to ten telephone calls per day.
  2. Diversify your mode of contact – Utilize e-mail, snail mail, phone calls, seminars, speaking engagements, blogs, news articles, invitations to events.
  3. Tailor the communication to the client’s needs and interests – Learn about your client as a person and send communications relevant to the client’s needs and interests. Stand out from the crowd by sending various other interesting items, as well.  Personally, I like to use Wine Industry News as many of my clients enjoy good wine.
  4. Do not spam, annoy, or stalk clients – Understand a client’s tolerance for unsolicited contact.


  1. Create value for the client by connecting the client with your esteemed colleagues – Introduce your client to successful professionals and let the client know how much you value the relationship.
  2. Joint Seminars and Projects – Invite like-minded successful authority figures in your field of business to jointly present relevant interesting information to clients. Partner with such figures on projects to deliver complementary services to clients.


  1. We work with people we like and trust – Treat the client as a good friend should be treated. Know of things, events, and dates that would be important to the client. Always demonstrate respect and kindness towards the client.  It works every time.