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Rex Halverson

Significant Accomplishments

Rex Halverson & Associates has now consulted on 12 successful Enterprise Zone applications over the years. With only 42 zones in the state, our firm has emerged as the clear leader in the industry.  In addition, we recently represented a multi-state company in its sales and use tax appeal to the BOE that was decided in favor of our

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Alyson Greenlee, Analyst, ICF International

“Tassa Consulting Group (now known as Rex Halverson & Associates, LLC) has deep experience, knowledge, and framework for working with Enterprise Zones, and they bring a high level of professionalism to what they do. They are a pleasure to work with.” – October 30, 2006

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State and Local Tax Transactional Advice

Rex Halverson & Associates consults on all aspects of state and local tax matters, including sales and use, franchise, income, property, fuel, payroll (employment) and business license tax issues. We can assist you with state and local tax planning and transactional advice relating to acquisitions, mergers, reorganizations, worldwide unitary combination, divestments, relocations, nexus, sale and

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Rosalind Guerrero, City of Calexico

“… If not for (Rex Halverson & Associates, LLC), we would not have been able to submit the successful application. The development of the application was demanding and (RH&A) guided us in identifying the items needed and in organizing and putting together the application for submittal. You get what you pay for, and we definitely

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Audit Controversies & Advocacy

Rex Halverson & Associates, LLC is a Sacramento-based consulting firm founded by Former Deputy State Controller, Rex Halverson. With unparalleled expertise in California taxation, the firm represents individuals, professionals, businesses and corporations throughout the United States, consulting on a comprehensive range of state and local tax issues.

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Due Diligence

Rex Halverson & Associates will assist with due diligence in preparation for an acquisition or disposition of a company or with the due diligence immediately following an acquisition in order to ensure compliance with state tax laws. As part of that due diligence, we can review franchise, income, sales/use, property, payroll, and business license tax

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CA Lobbying & Tax Initiatives

Rex Halverson & Associates is experienced at drafting tax initiatives, organizing initiative committees, gathering signatures, polling, running initiative campaigns and qualifying your pro-business tax initiative for the ballot. We also draft statutes, regulations, or annotations for our clients that desire to see a change in the current rules for one reason or another. Once drafted,

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