Peace of Mind

Rex Halverson
  • When my wife and I got out first CA Franchise audit letter, we did what everyone else probably does, freak out. We did not know what to expect, and have heard horror stories of how no matter what, you are going to owe. I contacted Rex Halverson, and after the first appointment, I hired him to help walk me thru something I had know idea what to expect. He helped me put together everything I needed for the audit. The CA Franchise was auditing me for a year that some of my records were unattainable. He helped me put together a package that was sufficient for a zero change in my return. It was a huge load off back to have someone so knowledgeable to help me thru this three month nightmare of not knowing what was going to happen. I would recommend Rex to anyone who does not want to go thru this alone. He was a life saver, and even knowing what I know now, if I get audited again, I will retain his services without a second thought.

Aaron, 6/17/15