Professional Colleague

Rex Halverson

I first worked with Mr. Halverson as a colleague when we both worked at a “Big 4” accounting firm where I was a tax partner, over ten years ago. We worked on tax planning and restructuring projects, including extensive interactions with four of the five members of the Board of Equalization. The projects were complex and creative ones in which sensitive legal and political matters were central. All of these endeavors were successfully concluded and would not have been had it not been for Mr. Halverson’s extremely high level of expertise and extensive, respectful relationships with high ranking staff at the BOE, as well as the BOE Members themselves.

For the last five years, we have both worked at different firms and my current CPA firm has hired Mr. Halverson as a contractor/consultant to work on complex California tax matters where there is no room for error. His work in this capacity has been competent and effective, enabling my firm to bring value to our clients. He has provided these outstanding services to projects I am involved with and which other members of my firm have brought to him, without my foreknowledge or involvement. These other members have also expressed great satisfaction with his work.

I should also add that I have found his time charges and billing rates to be quite affordable, particularly in view of the value he has provided to us and our clients.

Michael D., 2/25/10