Tax Liens – Attorney Advice

Rex Halverson

Rex Halverson quickly understood my issues with the CA Franchise Tax Board and their state tax lien process. In short-order he was able to assess my CA State tax affairs, potential liabilities, and recommend decisive action for my accountant. This advice was extremely helpful so that I could navigate the FTB’s morass of arcane rules and regulations, especially as they pertain to new and old tax liens. Rex also prepared me for the tax man’s sluggish response time. And, he had suggestions which propelled the FTB to quickly generate correspondence which alleviated my situation while the tax agency slowly processes my information.

Several months have passed, and I have not heard definitively form the FTB. However, in the meantime, Rex’s advice has enabled the removal of several state tax liens, so that I was able to refinance my property. The mortgage bank and title company were impressed with Rex’s and my accountant’s work product, and the speed and the response from the FTB.

Now, I’m awaiting the FTB’s processing of my information which Rex indicated might take up to six or seven months. I hope this matter will be resolved and closed for good. If I have situations in the future which develop with the CA FTB, and my accountant is feeling perplexed, I will not hesitate to contact Rex Halverson to seek his advice for resolution of complicated tax matters. I really appreciate that he was efficient, professional, and especially that he was helpful.

Roger F. (12/2/14)