For What It’s Worth – Top 10 Reforms Needed to Make California More Competitive Now

Rex Halverson
  1. Repeal the personal income tax and replace it with a Flat Tax applicable to all residents; (See my Flat & Fair California Tax);
  2. Lower the California corporate tax rate to 7% from 8.84% to make California more competitive with other nearby state corporate income tax rates;
  3. Just like Texas, make our California Legislature part-time with legislative sessions of six months, i.e., January through June every two years, and limit legislators to authoring or co-authoring no more than 10 legislative bills per year;
  4. Form a Legislative Committee tasked with the sole responsibility of reviewing all state and local regulations for necessity, simplification or repeal;
  5. Improve the education of our children by paying teachers based solely on their performance;
  6. Reform pensions of state and local government employees by converting all existing retirement plans of active employees to 401(k) plans;
  7. Lower the California minimum wage for students;
  8. Adopt a single state and local sales and use tax rate for California and distribute the sales and use taxes collected to cities and counties based solely on population;
  9. Prohibit public employee unions; and,
  10. Create a 3 judge Appeals Court that will hear only environmental lawsuits and appeals of environmental lawsuits with a 90-day limit to hear and issue decisions.

That’s My Two Cents,

Rex Halverson, Esq.