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Rex Halverson


May 06, 2018

Rex Halverson is great! He took out the time, listened to my concern, guided me to the right agency I should be in contact with and even who I should be speaking to. I appreciated the calm and courtesy, knowledge, and patients Rex provided me concerning Sales and Use Tax. Thanks so much.


Aug 05, 2018

Rex deftly handled a delicate matter for me with such ease, calm and aplomb that it boggles the mind. What once seemed potentially disastrous, was suddenly neutered. If you have tax issues that need expert handling by someone with experience in dealing with these prickly state entities, look no further; Rex is the right man for the job. In addition, Rex is friendly, honest, and a joy to deal with. I am so incredibly grateful that I found him and that he was able to handle my case so efficiently. Thank you Rex!


Nov 02, 2021

I contacted Rex to ask him about advice and possibly hiring him on a tax issue....to ask him about a tax penalty my senior citizen father had incurred due to an incompetent CPA he was using. Rex went out of his way to offer assistance and recommended I contact a certain person with the California tax board. I followed his advice and was able to get the penalty removed completely. Rex didn't even make a dime, but went out of his way to offer help over the phone. That's called "integrity"! Thank you to Rex for your expertise!


Aug 30, 2021

If I could give 6 stars to Rex and his team I would! My business failed in 2009 and folded with sales tax owed to the State of California. After garnishments, chapter 7 and liens against property I was resigned to the fact that my home equity was history. I saw a reference to Rex Halverson online and decided to give the fight one more chance. Rex was very up front about my chances (slim) and we were able to speak about potential costs and timelines to pursue my case. I was impressed with the ability to discuss the situation with someone so familiar with not only the regulations but the internal processes and procedures at CDTFA. After almost 18 months the decision was made to return the equity on my sold home that was liened by the State. There were some very high bars to clear in order to make the case but Rex's knowledge of the system and the regulations made the difference. My only regret is that I waited so long and had already lost so much. If you have a real or potential sales tax remittance issue with the State of California call Rex Halverson now to get your strategy together.


May 06, 2021

Rex Halverson is an extremely experienced tax attorney, who actually answers his own phone. That level of personal connection is very rare these days. He listened carefully, then went above and beyond to provide me with all the information I was looking for without charge, as it didn’t require extensive work. I would not hesitate to engage him for any project, and greatly appreciated his assistance.


Feb 04, 2021

I was recommended to the Halverson law firm by a friend who said, "Your situation is a little unusual, better call Rex Halverson" - and I'm glad I did. Mr. Halverson also brought another person on the line so we could have a 3 way brainstorm. They had concise info, were obviously knowledgeable and none of the sometimes encountered "attorney stuffiness" over the phone. I think everyone should already have an affiliation with certain types of attorneys in case they have an immediate need. Mr Halverson is a Tax attorney and this is the kind of law firm you would want to have in your Specialists directory.


Oct 01, 2020

Very helpful, patient, knowledgeable! My questions were answered & clearly explained.


Sep 24, 2020

I came to Rex after some disappointing results from another tax attorney. Rex and his team achieved results beyond my expectation and in a timeframe I thought was almost impossible. I couldn't reccommend them higher.


Sep 22, 2020

Nothing but great things to say. Extremely polite, knowledgeable, and understanding. Will recommend Halverson & Associates to anybody I know. Can't go wrong.


Aug 18, 2020

Mr. Halverson is a great attorney to work with and very knowledgeable. My TAX issue for my LLC that was screwed up by my CPA on not closing my LLC properly and state asking for back LLC dues was going on for past 15 year and I was getting nowhere with that. Even one of my brother is intellectual property attorney (not a TAX attorney) but even he was not able to advice or fix the issue. Finally, after some research over the internet I found Mr. Halverson and contacted him and gave the retainer to address my issue and that was the best thing that I did. He worked with FTB, file all the necessary paperwork and resolve the issue completely and final just 2 days ago FTB send the official letter of LLC closure to me. If you have any TAX/FTB related issue then I strongly recommend him.


Jun 02, 2020

Incredibly helpful! Very polite! Answered all my questions immediately and gave great advice. Thank you!


Aug 25, 2019

I would highly recommend Rex to handle your tax issue. He understood our situation and proposed a course of action. We hired him and supplied him with our information. He contacted the proper CA taxing authorities and was able to quickly resolve our situation. Something we had been trying to do for months. Thanks Rex.


Aug 21, 2019

I work in the legal industry managing small to mid size firm's online presence so I have years of experience in legal intake, lead, and client relations. Rex isn't my client and I am not his so this is a very objective review of the quality of this attorney. Rex kindly took the time to give me all the information and council I needed for my situation with the EDD and overpayments and he did so immediately (even answering the phone himself) and without cost. He was honest in that my situation didn't fit the economics of his case appetite but that didn't prevent him from giving me a way forward. Virtually NO ONE in this industry does this. I know from experience that quality of his consultation is almost certainly indicative of the quality of his council when on retainer. I would not hesitate to become a client in the future if the need arrises.


Jul 20, 2019

I asked Rex for work from overseas by email. He is a very gentle, easy to talk and trustworthy lawyer. He always responded to my questions within 24 hours. I would definitely like to ask him to work again.


May 21, 2019

It was truly a pleasure working with Rex. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and genuine. He thoroughly helped me understand my situation, and his friendly and thoughtful explanation provided me with a sense of peace. Look no further!


May 12, 2019

The franchise tax board recently contacted me regarding a business I sold in 2012. Every phone conversation with the state made me more and more frustrated. I contacted Rex and within weeks the matter was resolved. It was a huge relief to put all of this behind me. I could not have asked for a kinder, more professional person to have on my side.


May 10, 2019

Just called him from France with some worries about a residency issue. He immediately answered, was very kind, and had helpful information.


Mar 22, 2019

I truly appreciate Rex Halverson’s service, highly satisfied.


Dec 05, 2018

I called during my lunch hour and to my surprise Rex answered the phone himself. Rex gave me a ton of information to start the process of cleaning up my debt. Rex encouraged me to handle what I could on my own to save cost. Once I do what he asked I will be in touch to solve my situation. Thanks Rex.


Apr 05, 2018

I have used Rex Halverson & Associates for a while now. For all my income tax difficulties. The outcome is always possitive, I give my biggest recommendation to try his services. You will not be disappointed.


Apr 05, 2018

Mr. Rex Halverson is the most incredibly knowledgeable, honest, friendly and genuinely good-hearted attorney i have ever had the pleasure of working with. His depth of knowledge is incredible, and you feel as though you genuinely have someone thats on your side and cares deeply about giving you the best/most accurate advice possible. He put our minds at ease immediately and truly went out of his way to solve our case. If you are looking for the best of the best look no further...you have found him.


Apr 05, 2018

We've worked with Rex Halverson for several years and he's always been great. He's knowledgeable, professional and responsive anytime we have questions. I'd recommend Rex to anyone that needs help with tax issues.


Apr 05, 2018

I would give more than five stars if I could! I had a tax filing status question that I could not get answered. I sent a message to Rex via his website and within a few hours he called me. In a few short minutes Rex answered my question and gave me sound advice on how to proceed. If you have a tax issue, call Rex. He helped me like no one has. Thank you, Rex!

My First Tax Audit

I hired Rex to help me prepare for a tax audit. He very clearly explained the process to me, which was important because this was my first audit. Rex then worked with me to put together my files and structure a cover letter presenting those files in a methodical way to the auditor. Most importantly, Rex was available throughout the course of my audit to answer my questions – and this really helped calm me down every time the auditor asked for additional information. I highly recommend Rex.

Peace of Mind

When my wife and I got out first CA Franchise audit letter, we did what everyone else probably does, freak out. We did not know what to expect, and have heard horror stories of how no matter what, you are going to owe. I contacted Rex Halverson, and after the first appointment, I hired him to help walk me thru something I had know idea what to expect. He helped me put together everything I needed for the audit. The CA Franchise was auditing me for a year that some of my records were unattainable. He helped me put together a package that was sufficient for a zero change in my return. It was a huge load off back to have someone so knowledgeable to help me thru this three month nightmare of not knowing what was going to happen. I would recommend Rex to anyone who does not want to go thru this alone. He was a life saver, and even knowing what I know now, if I get audited again, I will retain his services without a second thought.

– Aaron

Excellent Attorney, Excellent Result

I’m a CPA who needed an attorney to appeal a payroll tax penalty assessed by the Employment Development Department. It was difficult to find a specialist in this area but was finally directed to Rex. He pounced on it immediately, crafted an excellent response and got a favorable result in less than 2 weeks.

Highly recommended.

– Robert F.

Tax Liens – Attorney Advice

Rex Halverson quickly understood my issues with the CA Franchise Tax Board and their state tax lien process. In short-order he was able to assess my CA State tax affairs, potential liabilities, and recommend decisive action for my accountant. This advice was extremely helpful so that I could navigate the FTB’s morass of arcane rules and regulations, especially as they pertain to new and old tax liens. Rex also prepared me for the tax man’s sluggish response time. And, he had suggestions which propelled the FTB to quickly generate correspondence which alleviated my situation while the tax agency slowly processes my information.

Several months have passed, and I have not heard definitively form the FTB. However, in the meantime, Rex’s advice has enabled the removal of several state tax liens, so that I was able to refinance my property. The mortgage bank and title company were impressed with Rex’s and my accountant’s work product, and the speed and the response from the FTB.

Now, I’m awaiting the FTB’s processing of my information which Rex indicated might take up to six or seven months. I hope this matter will be resolved and closed for good. If I have situations in the future which develop with the CA FTB, and my accountant is feeling perplexed, I will not hesitate to contact Rex Halverson to seek his advice for resolution of complicated tax matters. I really appreciate that he was efficient, professional, and especially that he was helpful.

– Roger F.

Knowledgeable Property Tax Dispute Resolution Advisor

Rex was the point person on a property tax dispute that lasted for several years (including time before I joined the company). He facilitated communications between the company and other subject matter experts and was able to lend his expertise to help guide the process to conclusion. While the end result was not necessarily favorable to the company, I believe Rex’s contribution gave the company the best result given the circumstances.

– Anonymous

Out of State LLC

Rex quickly researched a tax questions about our KS LLC filing status in CA. We had information from other tax attorneys, but nothing clear and definite. His prompt attention to our questions makes it easy for us to move forward on the issue. He was professional, respectful, and knowledgeable. We highly recommend him.

– Susan

California State & Local Tax

I worked together with Rex in the State and Local Tax practice at KPMG, and since leaving the Firm have continued to seek out his advise and assistance with California tax matters. I was a partner on the east coast and never hesitated to reach out to Rex for help with a California matter. He was always very responsive and demonstrated a great knowledge of California taxation. The most recent issue he has worked on with me concerned California local business license taxes and the issue of how to apportion gross receipts for the license tax. This matter is still under appeal with the local jurisdiction. I would not hesitate to ask Rex for assistance the next time I need help with a California tax issue.

– Peter

FTB Matter

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Halverson regarding a FTB audit of our residency. We found Mr. Halverson to be very hard working and he helped us to fully understand the appeals process. In the end, we were successful in our appeal with the BOE.

– Johnnie

Good Person!!!!!

I had some legal questions so I googled attorneys here in Sacramento and I found Rex. I needed someone to read a legal contract but didn’t have the money to pay. As soon as I called Rex he went right into work mode and started to assist me. I emailed him this contract and he explained the paperwork to me. It was nice to see that there are still good people out here in the world that would do a kind thing and not make everything about money. You can tell he was an honest guy who wasn’t trying to rip you off. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank You Rex..

– Mia

Very Helpful

I contacted Rex in regard to a change of domicile question. I was shocked that Rex was the person who answered my call. We had a short conversation and he was able to answer all of my questions. He sent over a document with more detailed information shortly after our call. I am very impressed with my experience and would recommend him to anyone with similar questions/issues.

– Tim

Very Professional Attorney

I have worked with Rex on two projects and he always responded to inquiries quickly and provided excellent service.

– Ray W.

Makes difficult process less painful

The times I’ve dealt with Rex were always the largest, most escalated items. He was always quick to understand our issue, easy to talk to, understood our direction, and got a positive disposition on the case. Though the cases are always the problems when I turn to him, I know I can trust him and it makes the process a lot less painful.

– Wendy S.

Legal Services Provided

I recommend Rex Halverson. I hired Rex 1-3 years ago. Rex handled my Tax matter. I am a sole practitioner Tax Attorney in California with a practice focused on individual income tax. In connection with a client’s needs in the area of California Sales Tax, I contacted Rex to consult regarding specific issues surrounding the purchase of a yacht out of state by a recently departed former California resident. Rex provided very specific valuable advice in a very prompt and professional manner. I would highly recommend him to anyone with a serious need for the highest level of legal assistance in the area of California State Sales Tax, as well as any other areas that Rex may include in his practice.

– Steven

Governor George Deukmejian

Please accept my personal thanks for your generous contribution to the improvement of California State Government. I can not overemphasize the extraordinary service that you have provided all citizens and taxpayers in the State of California.

– Governor George Deukmejian

State Board of Equalization

Please accept congratulations from all of us in Board Proceedings Division as you begin employment with KPMG/Peat Marwick. You have served the Controller and the taxpayers with distinction. Your hard work and dedication have been an example to everyone who has had the opportunity to work with you. Enclosed is a transcript of the Board’s adoption of a resolution recognizing your outstanding service. We wish you all the best.

– Janice Masterton, Chief – Board Proceedings Division, BOE

City of Richmond

We, at the City of Richmond, have the utmost praise for Tassa Consulting (now known as Rex Halverson & Associates), whose high caliber of professionalism and substantive know-how was crucial to our successful bid for a new 15-Year California Enterprise Zone designation.

– Thomas Mills, Economic Development Administrator, City of Richmond

Merced County Economic Development Corporation

…very pragmatic and responsive…carefully structured an application that built on our collaborative efforts, and facilitated an application that had no technical deficiencies…helped manage a large multi-jurisdictional group and achieved consensus and the results were favorable, an application without technical deficiencies and which received conditional designation…

– Scott Galbraith, President & CEO, MCEDCO

City of Compton

We were pleased with the professional manner in which your firm conducted the entire engagement, and the quality of the final product evidenced by the fact that the State of California ranked Compton’s EZ Application 8th out of the 25 applications they received. The City of Compton appreciated your commitment and hard work towards the success of the project. We say “if you want a California Enterprise Zone Designation, contact (Rex Halverson & Associates, LLC)…the Winning Team”!

– Joseph Lim, Director, Planning & Economic Development Department, City of Compton

ICF International

Tassa Consulting Group (now known as Rex Halverson & Associates, LLC) has deep experience, knowledge, and framework for working with Enterprise Zones, and they bring a high level of professionalism to what they do. They are a pleasure to work with.

– Alyson Greenlee, Analyst, ICF International

City of Calexico

…If not for (Rex Halverson & Associates, LLC), we would not have been able to submit the successful application. The development of the application was demanding and (RH&A) guided us in identifying the items needed and in organizing and putting together the application for submittal. You get what you pay for, and we definitely got the best.

– Rosalind Guerrero, City of Calexico

Economic Development at the Alliance

I have had the opportunity to work with (Rex Halverson & Associates, LLC) extensively for the past 2 ½ years on our Enterprise Zone program. Their input and expertise have been invaluable in assisting our efforts to secure and develop our local EZ program.

– Doug Sweetland, Stanislaus EZ Administrator & Director of Economic Development at the Alliance

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