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Rex Halverson

Governor Gavin Newsom’s Revised Budget Proposal

On May 14, 2020, Governor Newsom proposed his May Revised Budget to the California Legislature. The proposal aims to raise $9.2 billion in taxes by suspending net operating loss deductions for 3 years and limiting utilization of business tax credits and incentives. This action could hinder companies from offsetting more than $5 million in tax

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Avoiding Tax Pitfalls When Crowdfunding

Gone are the days of standing outside grocery stores with collection jars to raise money for a good cause. Crowdfunding websites have streamlined the process of collecting donations for thousands of charities, entrepreneurs, films, games, medical/hospital expenses, etc., and make it easier to reach a wider audience of possible donors than ever before. Funds created

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Professional Colleague

I first worked with Mr. Halverson as a colleague when we both worked at a “Big 4” accounting firm where I was a tax partner, over ten years ago. We worked on tax planning and restructuring projects, including extensive interactions with four of the five members of the Board of Equalization. The projects were complex

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